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~~my crazy thoughts~~

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Just your typical, self-delusional woman, wishing life could just be a little less insane...and finding out it's truly impossible!! I'm 32 years old and the mother of two very beautiful children. DeChapearougue Oran Vassago is 12, and his little sister, Ryleigh Larissa Zigana, is 7! I am madly in love with my very wonderful husband named Ben--he uprooted his life in Australia to move half way across the world to marry me and help raise our kids. The three of them are my world! I'm currently a SAHM and between that and my computer addiction, not to mention my gaming obsession (gamer chicks unite!!), I keep pretty busy. Doesn't mean I'm busy doing anything important though! I'm also currently working on losing weight--I'm down ~90 lbs. and working on the other 90 that is my ultimate goal. It's a lot of weight and it's been a struggle, but I'm doing well and proud of my success :) If you want to know more, just leave a comment and I'll add you to my friend's list if you sound like someone I would enjoy...and if things don't work out, feel free to reverse that process, no hard feelings attached :)

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